Letters to the Editor

Guns: Buyers should have to provide references

Another deranged person goes on a shooting rampage, this time in Orlando. “More background checks!” we collectively shout (except for deranged gun fans). Yet that doesn’t happen and probably wouldn’t have helped in the recent tragedy or many others.

There is another technique that would have a positive effect, and I am surprised it has not been considered already. It would require that any prospective firearm purchaser provide referrals from several friends and family members who will affirm the applicant can be trusted.

Furthermore, the references would assume limited liability for any subsequent illegal activities where that firearm was used. In other words, they would have skin in the game.

Clearly, this would prevent many “lone wolves” from obtaining a dangerous weapon, as well as generally unstable people. It is hard to imagine how the NRA would object to such a rule.