Letters to the Editor

Muslims: Young men touched us with love, respect

Re: "Tacoma church gathering mourns Orlando victims," (TNT, 6/14).

My husband and I attended this service for love and peace at the Life Center church. It was a multi-denominational service. Much was said about love and that we should all love each other as our individual relationship with our God tells us to.

However, even though there was a large contingent of Muslim men in attendance and a wonderful speech by their imam, not one word was mentioned about them in The News Tribune. These men, without exception, went out of their way to reach out to most of us in attendance in a very respectful way.

One of the young men we spoke to had been in the Air Force and was stationed at that same base in England that my husband was years before. That gave the three of us some common ground, as I am from England. They showed great courage and grace in attending the event. At the very least, the TNT should have acknowledged our Muslim brothers were there in an effort of goodwill and love.