Letters to the Editor

Guns: Radicals try to hang on to their culture

Our world is undergoing tremendous change, much like during the Industrial Revolution. The technological revolution demands a more skilled work force and challenges previously accepted ways of living and thinking.

The people who support ISIS want to keep things the same — be able to discriminate against women, poor people, homosexuals, disabled people and people who look physically different from themselves. They are fighting to keep their culture intact.

U.S. culture differs from almost every other nation in the world. We were the first to emphasize individual rights, to have freedom of speech and religion, and have non-religious public schools open to all. In many other cultures of the world, the group is more important than the individual.

The individual’s access to assault weapons will hopefully be debated, given the ongoing massacres. The choice our legislators make will determine if we can find the right balance between individual and group rights.