Letters to the Editor

Elections: Endorsing Edmonds supports incompetence

Re: “We endorse: Edmonds, alone, for Pierce council northern seat,” (TNT, 7/12).

News of The News Tribune’s support of political incompetence reached across the country to New Jersey where I now live, which is why I protest your endorsement of Carolyn Edmonds for Pierce County Council.

I was a constituent of hers when she was on the King County Council. Never have I been so poorly served and misrepresented by an elected official. She was responsible for the tent city wars on King County’s Eastside that began in 2004 because she cut a backroom deal with an activist group to put a homeless encampment on an area park-and-ride without consulting local residents (I lived a half-mile from it) and without performing due diligence on whether such a move was legal, which it turned out not to be.

Contrary to your benign assertion that she lost her council seat due to downsizing in 2005, she was ousted by now-Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson in the September 2005 primary. North King County voters were through with Edmonds and sent her packing forthwith.

She’s a tax-hiking, big-government, bureaucratic-minded carpet bagger now schlepping her ineptitude to Pierce County, where I also used to live. Voters should reject her.