Letters to the Editor

Libraries: Northeast resident feels identity crisis

I live in Browns Point. I am fortunate to be buying a home here. Yet with the potential closure of the Kobetich library branch, I am having an identity crisis, and I have to ask: Who are we citizens of Browns Point, Dash Point, and Northeast Tacoma?

We are the unincorporated. We are the under-supported. We are the under-resourced. Yet we include highly taxed contributors to Tacoma’s tax base.

We lack most street sidewalks and public city park. We have less-funded city fire and police coverage/protection, and lack decent public transportation. Yet, we will pay mightily for those late-coming transit links between metropolitan areas.

We are the Kobetich fans because this branch has the friendliest, most helpful, information-assisting, digitally literate librarians around.

We also are King County Library System card-holders, though KCLS does not receive our tax dollars; Tacoma does.

So I have to ask: Tacoma, do you want us? If not, I’m sure Federal Way and King County would welcome those tax dollars. They would probably even fund expansion of the one-and-only Tacoma-site resource we have here: our tiny, but beloved, local public library.