Letters to the Editor

Education: Surefire ways to eliminate boring classes

Re “Your kids bored at school? Tell them to get over it.” (TNT online, 7-18).

If education just doesn’t float their boat, why not offer a series of several field trips to break the monotony? One day, students could visit the unemployment office. They will undoubtedly find real soul mates there — lots of other people who just didn’t see the relevance of something as lame as school.

If that doesn’t prove to be more stimulating than the existing curriculum, the next excursion could be a tour of some of the tent cities which are getting a lot of news coverage lately. They will probably see the same people from the unemployment office, the ones who ran out of benefits without finding a job for people who were too bored to acquire job skills.

The last trip will feature a thrill-packed guided tour of a state prison. The people there are the ones who even flunked “How to Run a Crime-Based Business.”

The final exam for this course of study would be for the students to write a paper contrasting the merits of boredom-based education with the levels of excitement observed in the featured alternative lifestyle options. Easy-peasy.