Letters to the Editor

Elections: Former state AG withholds endorsement

In the 31st District race for state House position 2, three Republicans are vying in the primary: Morgan Irwin, Pablo Monroy and Phil Fortunato. I have chosen not to make any endorsements in the race for the time being.

Fortunato has been using a supportive quote by me that I authorized for his 2014 campaign. He is well aware that I have not endorsed him in his 2016 race and that he does not have permission to use that quote again this year. Despite that, voters recently received a mailer from him featuring that quote, implying my endorsement of him. Until recently, it was also featured on his website.

To be clear, I am not throwing my support behind any of the candidates before the primary. Fortunato has been asked explicitly to stop using my quote so as not to imply an endorsement. He has continued to use it anyway. Voters should be aware of that before they make their choice.

(Rob McKenna is a former state attorney general and Republican candidate for governor.)