Letters to the Editor

Elections: Dammeier slings mud in executive race

I believed we had two candidates for Pierce County executive who were well qualified for this position. This was before one decided for whatever reason to go back to 2008 to see if he could dig up a little dirt on the other.

Even though Bruce Dammeier and Dan Roach agreed at a debate last month to have an honest contest and stay out of the “mud”, Dammeier initiated just the opposite by accusing Roach of a Public Disclosure Commission issue that was covered by the Seattle Times on 8-21-2008. Commission spokeswoman Lori Anderson describes this as a misunderstanding of PDC rules.

Dammeier also accuses Roach of being rude to a legislator’s spouse who happens to be a lobbyist for the Trial Lawyers Association, a special interest group in Olympia. A bill which negatively affected taxpayers was being debated on the House floor and Roach mentioned the name of the lobbyist. Since when is standing up for taxpayers a crime?