Letters to the Editor

Clinton: Sanders supporters should change sides

As an early and strong Bernie Sanders supporter, I am deeply disappointed that he is not the Democratic nominee, but deciding to vote for Hillary Clinton was not a difficult decision. A demagogic, racist charlatan like Donald Trump as president is unthinkable. Should he be elected, the world would be justified in thinking we are a nation gone bonkers.

Clinton was wrong to support the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Libya’s dictator, and using her personal server for government-related mail was ill-advised. But compared to Trump -- who swindled thousands of their retirement savings with his bogus Trump University, who impugned the integrity of the American-born judge hearing the case against him because of his Mexican ancestry, and who advocates punishing women who have abortions and banning Muslims from entering the USA -- Clinton is a paragon of political wisdom and virtue.

Sanders supporters must help elect Clinton and tell her we want women to control their own bodies, Medicare for every citizen, a return to tuition-free public universities, overturning the Citizens United decision and no more stupid wars.

Above all, Trump must never be allowed in the same room with the earth-incinerating “red button.”