Letters to the Editor

Elections: Senate political ad is disappointing

Re: “Ad claims Peloquin supports income tax,” (TNT, 7/19).

I was at the candidates’ forum on Anderson Island days before the unacceptable, unconscionable and untruthful ad came out. When questioned about raising taxes at that forum, 28th Legislative District Democratic candidates Marisa Peloquin, Mari Leavitt and Christine Kilduff were absolutely emphatic that they do not want to raise taxes or have an income tax.

Sen. Steve O’Ban and Peloquin were sitting next to each other at the forum. I know Peloquin was heard loud and clear. These are the kind of things that put people off of politics regardless of party. It appears the unconscionable destruction and removal of Peloquin’s signs must come from the same people that would do and say anything to win.

People who work in the Legislature must be held to a high standard of honesty and trust. I can only hope O’Ban will do what he can to correct these unfortunate incidents. As it is, I am very disappointed that O’Ban’s allies would come out with such blatant fabrications about Peloquin’s position on taxes.