Letters to the Editor

Race: Black teacher's personal stories resonate

Re: “Teacher offers tips for dealing with police,” (TNT, 7/16).

Sadly, it may take large numbers of prominent African American men to go public with their personal experiences for the white population to begin to understand the challenges that black men face in our society.

I applaud Nathan Gibbs- Bowling, Lincoln High teacher and Washington state teacher of the year, for sharing his personal police encounters, as well as teaching his urban kids about the U.S. Constitution and lessons on the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable search and seizure. (I also recommend Ron Sims’ opinion “Driving while Black in Seattle,” published in the July 13 Seattle Times.)

Check Gibbs-Bowling’s blog: natebowling.com/a-teachers-evolving-mind. There is plenty for all to consider.