Letters to the Editor

Election: Don't buy into Trump's doom and gloom

In a long life I have been fortunate enough to visit more than 60 countries with a pack on my back. I have seen beauty, grandeur, devastation and poverty, the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal side by side with squalid and medieval villages. Mostly I have been welcomed by thousands of kind and friendly people into their communities and sometimes their homes.

Our fine country certainly has its challenges. But it is a green and abundant land full of good highways, parks, schools, libraries and dynamic commercial activity. Its strength lies in its open and friendly people from all over the planet who have brought their language, customs, foods and diverse spiritual concepts and formed us into a more vibrant society.

Donald Trump says we are in crisis. He paints a despairing picture of crime, violence, decay, corruption, fear and terror. His slogan screams that we are no longer a great nation. I invite everyone to join me in rejecting this dark vision of our wonderful land.