Letters to the Editor

Housing: Low-income tenants have few options

Re: “Section 8 tenants could get more for their vouchers,” (TNT, 7/19).

My experience as a Section 8 renter is discriminatory and costly. In 2015, the Housing Authority terminated its contract for the unit that I rented from Double Z Property Management for refusing to replace windows that caused mold. I sued Double Z and won $85, for which I haven’t received payment.

I rent from Pinnacle Property Management. I have mold again. I was told to keep fans running and leave the windows opened to reduce moisture. Mold is in the closet, drawers and cabinets, yet I pay full rent. I can move to another unit, but only as a new applicant. Pinnacle has recently bought apartment complexes. Yet my unit is filled with mold eating my furniture and clothes.

Decent and safe affordable housing is limited. Gated communities don’t accept Section 8. The available housing is grouped into substandard housing. While HUD tries to “deconcentrate poverty” and the state ignores discrimination, tenants’ rights are being trampled on. The county’s landlord/tenant office is closed. Tenants themselves will have to ensure affordable housing is available and their rights are being upheld.

The city of Lakewood may have the right idea by proposing rental reviews to ensure decent affordable housing in their city.