Letters to the Editor

Traffic: Minnesota driving is easy compared to ours

Today it took 2 1/2 hours for me to drive south on Interstate 5 from Burien to Tacoma. As I inched along with Saturday traffic through the Dome district, northbound traffic was stopped as far as I could see down along the Tacoma Mall.

I had just come through Fife; there were no blocking accidents, no new construction, no visible delays. Yet traffic was stop and go for miles and miles heading north. And state Route 16 eastbound was backed up and stopped as well, trying to merge onto I-5 headed north.

I am originally from Minnesota, where summer months are plagued with heavy road construction. Our traffic on I-5 through the Nalley Valley approaching the Dome is much, much worse. It’s time politicians, or someone who is responsible for planning, fixes this.