Letters to the Editor

Plagiarism: Mrs. Trump helped teach class a lesson

Re: “Fortune cookie plagiarism crumbles on Mrs. Trump,” (TNT, 7/21).

Columnist Kathleen Parker says journalists are probably the only ones who care about plagiarism. I must add that English teachers care, too.

I was just explaining to my English class last week how to document sources for their research papers, not the most riveting topic. Then Melania Trump did me the huge favor of making plagiarism national news. I showed my students the two passages from her speech, compared to the two passages from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech, and they all agreed that Melania’s “version” was an unacceptable paraphrase that constituted plagiarism.

That she lifted the discourse from Michelle Obama, wife of the president whom Donald Trump vilifies, was an irony not lost on my class. I guess when you marry arm candy who may not be the sharpest cheese on the cracker, it doesn’t matter unless you run for public office and she has to speak in public.

Thank you, Mrs. Trump the Third, for making my job so much easier this week. My only regret is that you didn’t call me for “help” with your speech. I wouldn’t mind being set for life.