Letters to the Editor

Primary: Erickson best choice for council

I’m a small business owner in Lakewood. I work hard every day to meet my customer’s needs. I know how important it is to have local leaders who understand the importance of small businesses to the overall health of our economy.

When I met Kurt Erickson, I was immediately struck by his sincerity and willingness to listen to my story. Since then, I’ve watched this man roll up his sleeves and do the real work that every public servant should do. He has spent his days doorbelling, sign waving, speaking at community events and listening to those of us whom he hopes to represent.

His actions, not his words, are why Kurt Erickson will have my vote for Pierce County Council.

Kurt Erickson will bring a much needed new voice, energy and enthusiasm to our county government. Let’s elect a man who has literally proven his character on the battlefield.

We’ll all be fortunate to have Kurt Erickson as our next County councilman. As a small business owner and a lifetime resident of Pierce County, I know the difference between a career politician and a true leader. Join me in supporting Kurt Erickson for Pierce County Council.