Letters to the Editor

Election: Kurt Erickson reaches minority groups

Pierce County is an ethnically diverse community, rich in cultural heritage. Now more than ever, we need elected leaders who respect our cultural differences and build relationships to bridge the gaps.

Kurt Erickson is the only County Council 6 candidate with a solid record of reaching out to minority communities. That is why he is my choice for Pierce County Council. He served this country with distinction in Afghanistan while using his Dari language skills to build relationships with locals. He now serves in the Washington National Guard using his Spanish language skills in a military intelligence unit. His wife Julie, is Korean-American, daughter of a U.S. Army Ranger, and raised locally in Lacey.

As a member of the Tacoma/Pierce County Black Collective and the 28th Legislative District Democrats Endorsement Committees, I was elated that Erickson received the sole endorsement from both of those organizations. His dedication to this community and all its citizens is clear for all to see, not by the words that he speaks, but by the company he keeps.