Letters to the Editor

Education: Federal overreach must stop

Since the original passage of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act in 1965, and the creation of the United States Department of Education in 1979, we have seen an encroachment of federal power in education. We see an erosion of local control that detracts from the 10th Amendment.

This includes bribery and blackmail of the states with Title I and Title IX money and regulations including the detraction of bathroom privacy. We see this with Common Core and toxic testing now manifesting itself with the new Every Student Succeeds Act, which is worse than No Child Left Behind.

As a result, children are suffering. Federal overreach in education has to end. US Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) plans to hold accountable those responsible for not protecting America’s children. We need your help, too. Please go to uspie.org and join the movement to Stop Fed Ed and restore local control in education.

We will protect excellence where it exists, and when all else fails, the people will resort to home schooling in greater numbers.

Michael Leuzzi, Puyallup