Letters to the Editor

Trump: New brand of fascism must be rejected

For months, I have stayed away from politics after what I have seen and experienced in serving the public with negative behavior in campaigns and candidates. For years, we have watched a group of Americans use symbols of our great nation as litmus tests of measuring others’ love for this country. Now, we have seen the results of this movement in Donald Trump.

Trump and his supporters have sunk to all-time lows in behavior, bigotry, racism, hatred and fearmongering, and this has created a new movement. Trumpism is a brand of fascism that uses symbols of America, propaganda, divisiveness and fear in the name of making America great.

America is and always has been a great place to be. It has never been perfect, but no place is. We have always been willing to listen to each other and work together to find solutions. In the past, we have rejected people who want to build walls to divide us. Now, more than ever, we must reject Trumpism and all those who want to promote this as the future of America. The decision is yours.

(Eric Choiniere is a former University Place city council member.)