Letters to the Editor

Elections: County Council race has strong write-in choice

So many politicians’ names we see over and over on our ballots. Dynastic families seem to have a hold on many of our public offices.

I was so very glad to see that Kit Burns, a local architect, entered his name for a write-in campaign to have a spot on the general election ballot against the seasoned career politician who stood alone on the ballot for Pierce County Council Position 4.

This politician, Connie Ladenburg, served as vice chair of the Council’s Economic & Infrastructure Development Committee. Why are surrounding counties surpassing us in economic development? Why was she so eager to back a new county headquarters building when facts showed her it was a bad idea?

We need fresh ideas and approaches to our county’s issues. We need the vision and financial know how of Burns, who has handled many projects over his 40-plus-year career. We need change, smart change.