Letters to the Editor

Jesus: Embracing faith no way to run a government

Re: “Jesus for president? His principles show the way,” (TNT, 8/1).

Rev. Bates Olson believes Jesus had all the qualities that we should look for in a decent U.S. presidential candidate. Forget that Jesus had no interest whatsoever in government or politics, and that he condemned materialism and violence, and that his radical, revolutionary liberality makes Bernie Sanders look like Ted Cruz.

Forget all that, Olson claims, because Jesus had the one greatest asset of a leader: faith. She says faith should define the issues before us. Upon reading that statement, a shudder went through me. Whose faith? Mine? Yours? Catholic, Protestant or Mormon? Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu?

The history of humankind is rent with war after war, violence upon violence between the practitioners of these various sects of faith, many diametrically opposite each other. Thankfully, America’s founding fathers put together a government that intentionally included no test of faith, nor any mention of Jesus.

We can best aspire to the love and compassion for others that Jesus implored, and recognize the need to nurture our spiritual growth from within, while also living up to our American ideals of liberty, equality and justice for all by sticking to objective facts, not mythical, mystical faith.