Letters to the Editor

Election: Quit trying to cow third party voters

Enough with the voter-shaming. When neo-liberals tell Green Party supporters they are wasting their vote or that their vote is a vote for Trump, this is not only a personal insult but a form of voter suppression, no less than voter ID laws in the deep South.

Some of us vote our fears, and some of us vote our hearts. But no thoughtful vote is ever wasted.

Our nation’s founders never espoused a two-party system. Citizens have every right to vote outside party lines, especially when the same oligarchs own both mainstream parties. Hillary Clinton caters to billionaires, from Warren Buffett to Saudi sheiks. Her opponent is a billionaire demagogue. We can do better than this, America.

Third-party movements have a valid function, keeping progressive ideas alive until they enter the mainstream. The anti-slavery movement, women’s suffrage, the right of conscientious objection to war, LGBT rights, the Progressive Party itself, all began outside the mainstream. In third parties, several women have been presidential candidates before now.

If we allow Republican and Democratic elites to kill off third-party movements, as their media minions try to do, it will be a sad day for American democracy.