Letters to the Editor

McNeil Island: Brown water mixes with red ink

Re: “McNeil Island sex offenders sue over coffee-colored water” (TNT, 8/1).

I’d like to shine a little light on how McNeil Island is still being used as a world-class boondoggle by our state today.

It all started 35 years ago when Uncle Sam wisely stopped trying to board federal prisoners on this lovely island and kindly turned it back over to the state of Washington to do with as it wished. The state unwisely opened its own prison on this sizable island.

But blessedly, after only 30 years, it wised up and shuttered its island lockup in 2011, but only after moving its newly created Special Commitment Center (SCC) for sexually violent predators off the mainland and onto McNeil in the early1990s.

The new CEO of this modern monster factory in our midst claims we’re now flushing a whopping $500,000 per month of taxpayer money down the drain by having the SCC on McNeil Island (Inside Olympia, TVW, May 12).

So never mind all the brown water. Our state should stop spilling all that red ink on the SCC.