Letters to the Editor

Trump: Low-blow editorial won't deter supporters

Re: “Pope’s prayer at death camp speaks to us all,” (TNT, 8/2).

I am a long-time subscriber, and, despite the continuing anti-Trump articles and Doonesbury “comics” in the TNT , I am voting for Donald Trump.

My reasons are many: the need to control our borders, terrorists who may be embedded among middle-Eastern refugees and my support of the Second Amendment. In addition, Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers relating to her veracity and trustworthiness speak for themselves.

Today’s editorial reached a new low and was an insult to your readers who might not tow the TNT line, and who have chosen to vote for Trump. It segued from highlighting the pope’s written words at the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial sites into an attack on Trump and his supporters. A cleverly written editorial does not hide the fact that, between the lines, you are comparing Trump’s proposals, and those who support them, with the atrocities that occurred under Nazi rule.