Letters to the Editor

Faith: You don't need to be religious to be good

Re: “Faith can have real impact on government,” (TNT letter, 8/8).

Christianity has indeed had a massive impact on the Western world, but not all to the good. To wit: the Crusades, persecution of other religions and cultures, rejection of scientific theories and thought.

The ideas of equality and kindness didn’t originate with Christianity. One of the tenets of Islam demands a certain amount of income be given to the poor every year. Christianity, like any religion, is what you make of it. Many people have taken the best parts and made it a good way of life for themselves and others, offering hope during dark times

But just as many have taken the worst aspects and created such atrocities as the Westboro Baptist Church and its persecution of same-sex relationships. Religion can be a good thing, but our leaders don’t need to be religious to be good people.