Letters to the Editor

Police: Public's focus on use of force is misplaced

Garett S. Bond, Buckley

The public is very irritating when it comes to questioning police use of force. Why is the public focusing on police officers’ “aggressiveness” when they should be focusing on why police officers are acting the way they do?

I heard about an incident the other day in which a man was burned by the pavement he was laid on after the cops arrested him. He had been fleeing the police after a routine traffic stop for speeding, and had been caught after a large chase. The public is upset with police, but why? Will nobody focus on why he was arrested in the first place?

All over the country, police are being blamed for use of force when it is completely justified. Why is the public so focused on treating criminals better when our officers are being shot and killed every day? Officers are civilians, too, not criminals.