Letters to the Editor

Immigrants: We should welcome, not shun them

Re: “Trump editorial won’t deter supporters,” (TNT letter, 8/8).

The writer is worried about controlling our borders and the possibility of terrorists being embedded among Middle Eastern refugees. Because of his fears, he says he is voting for Donald Trump.

Trump proposes building a wall along our southern border and simply denying admission to all Syrians/Muslims. History has shown that walls don’t work: The Chinese built their Great Wall to keep out the Mongols, the Romans built Hadrian’s Wall to keep out the Picts and Scots, and the Soviet Union built the Iron Curtain Wall to keep in reluctant Eastern Europeans.

As a teacher of English to speakers of other languages, I have had students from many different countries and of many religions, including Muslims. Almost all came to this country because of events they had no control over. Today’s Middle Easterners are fleeing horrific circumstances.

America’s past greatness was built on land stolen from Native Americans and on the labor of immigrants (including slaves). Our present greatness is built on remediation of past abuses. I, for one, am not afraid of any immigrants. We should welcome them with open arms. That’s the American thing to do.