Letters to the Editor

Children: Growing up is harder than it used to be

In recent days, I’ve seen articles in the TNT concerning the state of children not only in Washington but around the country. One concerned transgender children, another about suicide rates among children. It’s painful and disconcerting reading, but important.

Childhood today is a lot more challenging than when I was growing up. Just the way children communicate today is revolutionary but not necessarily healthy. We’re told that in 20 percent of the states, 10th graders had seriously considered suicide in the previous 12 months. Two youths kill themselves every week in Washington.

There are a mix of possibilities that can influence suicidal behavior including bullying, substance abuse, poverty and untreated mental health. Laws are being passed to keep transgender children from receiving therapy. If a child were injured, wouldn’t we do what we could to help that child? Society instead is supporting and even encouraging kids to make dangerous transgender decisions.

Children need love and attention and children will act to get that attention even in an unhealthy way. They need direction and limits. They need love, assurance and stability in their lives.