Letters to the Editor

Trump: Nasty Democrats are blind to the truth

Donald W. Wilbur, University Place

A recent letter to the editor blasted Donald Trump with the usual Democrat nasty clichés denigrating him as a biased clown unfit for a leadership role in our country. As usual, the Democrats try to destroy the individual instead of debating the issues that are vital to America.

Contrary to most Democrat leaders, Trump has crafted and led a huge corporation, a chore that few Americans could do successfully and maintain. The workload and pressure can only be tolerated by a few people.

And where have Democrats led us in the past seven years plus? They have doubled federal debt, reduced growth by several points, destroyed meaningful middle-class jobs, race relationships have deteriorated, Muslim terrorists are killing people at home and abroad, immigration is nearly uncontrolled and police are being ambushed on the streets and killed.

The Democrat-contrived political correctness has almost stopped free speech and destroyed the economy. The Democrats believe Trump cannot manage our nuclear deterrent while our enemies believe Mrs. Clinton would never use our deterrent, but would negotiate. Trump will make America great again.