Letters to the Editor

Marijuana: Profit interests snuff out medical pot

Re: “Using marijuana just got a whole lot safer,” (TNT guest column, 8/8).

Vicki Christophersen’s view of the Cannabis Patient Protection Act shows complete bias toward capitalist interests, just as the act itself does. It has left patients with no outlets, merely myriad recreational licensed businesses whose profits are overwhelmingly fed by the interests of users focused on getting high, not getting well.

Now more than a month into this travesty, there are still no medical strains or even the higher doses allowed by the act available in Pierce County. Marijuana growers have made the reason for that clear: higher standards for medical marijuana than for recreational pot demanded by the act, despite Christophersen’s assertion that they’re the “same” and likening them to the quality of apples. These standards make growing medical marijuana for patient use too risky to their bottom line.

Christophersen revealed her own lack of compassion saying that unregulated dispensaries didn’t have to pay taxes, “eliminating much of the public benefit of creating a legal marketplace.” Whoops, I thought the Cannabis Patient Protection Act would benefit cannabis patients, not tax coffers.

Transparency would demand the act be renamed as the Recreational Marijuana & Government Spending Protection Act. Could we at least be honest?