Letters to the Editor

AARP: Senior organization signs deal with bad actor

Julie Andrzejewski, Steilacoom

This month it was revealed that AARP had joined the corporate interest organization, ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council). ALEC brings corporations and state legislators together to write “model” legislation and encourage these legislators to sponsor bills in their states.

In contrast to AARP’s mission to fight for health care, employment, income security, etc. (especially for seniors), ALEC’s agenda supports corporate interests at the expense of seniors and the American public. ALEC pushes legislation to privatize Social Security, undermine Medicare, oppose defined-benefit pension plans, oppose cost controls on pharmaceuticals, exempt drug companies from liabilities, prohibit importation of prescription drugs, and the like.

ALEC’s “model” legislation further seeks to undermine environmental and worker protections, remove protections for American consumers, support “free trade” agreements, lower wages, suppress voting, block access to the civil justice system, and privatize government services (See research by the Center for Media and Democracy).

After receiving immediate strong opposition, AARP said it will not renew its ALEC membership. That is not enough. AARP should publicly withdraw from ALEC and repudiate the anti-people agenda. Let AARP know your opinion.