Letters to the Editor

Puyallup: Industrial park plan is much too big

The Knutson Farms warehouse/distribution center and manufacturing complex that is planned outside Puyallup will generate 6,723 truck trips daily, according to the developer’s traffic impact study.

Truck-container combinations 20 to 60 feet long will add between 20 and 40 miles to existing traffic, worsening already long commuter delay times.

This 3-million-square-foot facility will deliver unusually heavy traffic and throughput for its size. By comparison, the Ports of Tacoma and Seattle, occupying much larger land areas, together produced an estimated 9,341 daily truck trips, based on first half 2016 import/export cargo movement of 1.7 million TEUs (20-foot equivalent container units).

Knutson Farms capability is .96 million TEUs (5,235 warehouse truck trips over a six-month period), which is about equal to either one of the ports, if their workloads were evenly divided.

Knutson has the potential, however, to double its capacity if truck length increases to 40 to 60 feet. This level of activity is disproportionate for a residential city of Puyallup’s size.

Quality-of-life concerns, such as air and noise pollution, longer commuter times, and the safety of school children only blocks away, demand rejection or downsizing of this proposal.