Letters to the Editor

Education: Don't allow Satan clubs in schools

Re: “Satanic Temple’s school clubs to counter Christian program,” (TNT, 8/10).

Small segments of our secular society are falling lower by promoting Satanism to young, impressionable school children -- shades of Madalyn O’Hair, an atheist buried in the desert a generation ago.

Only a Christian cleric who comprehends God’s creation and His angel Lucifer is qualified to present this subject. Satan clubs’s agenda does not qualify as religious speech.

“Satan stands against tyranny and injustice.” Hogwash!. An enlightened Christian understands the human need for God and his moral teachings. Peace, joy, love and faith are fruits of Christian belief.

School boards owe it to taxpayers to veto the Satan club. Do not permit the young and vulnerable to dabble in evil. Local churches need to protest. Universal forces exist beyond contemporary culture. God will endure. He banished his rebellious angel from heaven. Let us banish Satan from our schools.