Letters to the Editor

Carbon tax: Initiative is good start for sustainable future

Re: “Does I-732 go far enough?” (TNT, 8/12).

Thank you for Matt Driscoll’s thoughtful piece on Initiative 732. The answer to the question raised in the headline is: of course not.

The challenge of climate change is one we will be facing from now and for years to come. It is very likely the defining issue that the next two or three generations will have to grapple with. And, yes, it will take all of us, rich and poor, majority and minority communities, to figure this out.

But I-732 is a darn fine start, and there is considerable steam behind it to realize approval at the polls in November. Washington citizens (as Americans in general) are eager to get going toward a low-carbon future. The increasing sense of urgency is palpable.

Just as the enactment of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 was not the last word in solving the health care mess in the US, neither is I-732 the end-all for creating a carbon-neutral future. But both Obamacare and I-732 are important incremental steps to realizing the kind of future most of us want to see in our country and on the planet.