Letters to the Editor

Election: Spitzer would improve education, roads

When I first saw state House District 26 candidate Randy Spitzer speak, he struck me as someone more interested in policy solutions than politics. In this time of political gridlock, we need a moderate voice who can bring legislators from both sides together around sensible legislation that addresses the major issues impacting our state. I can think of no two issues more critical than education and infrastructure.

Today, the Legislature is being fined $100,000 a day for failing to uphold the state’s constitutional obligation to fully fund K-12 education. Spitzer is the only candidate running for Position 2 who is committed to fully funding our schools.

The most recent ASCE report card on Washington infrastructure assigned a C- to our bridges and a D+ to our roads. This means longer commutes and more bridges at risk of collapsing. Spitzer is the only candidate running who will make substantial long-term investments in our infrastructure.

We need someone who will spend our tax dollars wisely. Spitzer is a trusted business adviser and certified financial planner. And he will make an excellent legislator.