Letters to the Editor

Tiny house: Couple should be allowed to stay there

Re: “Steilacoom family’s tiny house raises big question about size,” (TNT, 8/16).

I’m no expert, but it seems that this legitimate and creative attempt by self-sufficient and honorable people to live within (or below) their means in order to accomplish a goal; spend quality time with their child; and do so without bothering anyone else or usurping public resources, should be encouraged rather than opposed.

The town/county grand poobahs could work this out if they really wanted to. Something akin to covenants could be established, a system which is already in use in many neighborhoods, condo complexes, etc., to protect the integrity of the neighborhoods and guard against them becoming glorified tent cities.

Let’s support folks who use their heads to solve their housing issues, rather than clamoring to the government to do so for them.