Letters to the Editor

Port: Councilman speaks truth against fossil fuels

Re: “Mello: Take dirty projects off the table,” (TNT, 8/16).

As a concerned mother of two, I deeply appreciate Tacoma City Council member Ryan Mello’s leadership and truth-telling. He is indeed representing my values when he says fossil fuel exports should be “off the table” and that we should instead cultivate clean, high-paying jobs.

These are the jobs my children and your children need and deserve here in Pierce County. Moreover, they are the jobs that the planet needs to sustain us and keep us from even worse climate impacts, let alone the clear and present danger of polluting coal trains, and oil train derailments and explosions. I can only imagine the trauma the people of Mosier in the Columbia Gorge are dealing with after that oil train derailment, and near miss of loss of life.

Our children need the courageous leadership of Mello to help ensure we change course and focus on the myriad benefits from a clean-energy economy.