Letters to the Editor

Environment: Fossil fuel haters should walk the talk

I have just read two letters voicing support for Ryan Mello’s remarks against the proposed LNG plant at the Port of Tacoma. I really wonder if these two authors have done anything to move us toward being able to live without fossil fuels. Have they put solar panels on their roofs and a battery array in their garage so that they are off of the grid? I have, and I have no electric bill for six months of the year.

Please tell me how your food gets to the grocery store. Please tell me whether you think your children should continue to breathe the particulate matter that we are injecting into the air. At least the LNG project will remove some of it.

People seem to want to just flick a switch and all will be fixed. It doesn’t happen that way, folks. I suggest people start thinking rationally and consider doing something other than writing letters. I put those panels on my roof but still need a power plant at the other end of the line in the winter. What have you done?