Letters to the Editor

Gig Harbor: City should honor treefall victim

Re: “Family sues over tree fatality,” (TNT, 8/12).

This article reminds us about Jamie Fay, the young father who was killed by a falling tree on Borgen Boulevard in Gig Harbor. One of Fay’s 2 young children was in the car with him and thankfully she survived.

We have read how he was a wonderful dad, loving husband, valued employee and precious life. Family was important to him.

A new park is scheduled for Gig Harbor North. Nothing can ease the pain of this loss to those who knew and loved him. Perhaps “Jamie’s Park” would be a caring way to honor and celebrate his life.

Now is the time for the City of Gig Harbor to contact Fay’s family and suggest honoring him with his name on this family park.