Letters to the Editor

Safety: Women should learn to use firearms

As I have aged, I have come to realize that I can no longer defend myself from a physical attack. I am also the last woman you would expect to see at a gun range. I am very squeamish and too tenderhearted for my own good. However, I am going to protect myself from harm.

I was not the only woman at the gun range on my first visit; there were several others. The men in their lives were teaching these women to have a chance to survive an attack. I pray that I may never have to shoot another human being or animal, but I will be capable of doing so.

As much as I hate guns, they are one kind of necessary protection for those of us who are sane and level-headed, and wish to remain safe. I suggest that you men out there take the woman you love to the gun range, or the local karate or judo class, and give her a fighting chance to remain safe, and remain with you.