Letters to the Editor

Clinton: Benghazi, email scandals shouldn't tarnish her

The reasons given for not voting for Hillary Clinton are always the same: Benghazi and the email scandal. Benghazi is not a valid reason. Benghazi was not an embassy, not a consulate, and really not a diplomatic compound. Twenty three of the 30 Benghazi employees were CIA employees.

The Benghazi CIA mission was monitoring the terrorist group that smuggled the weapons used in the attack. The CIA has its own paramilitary support. The CIA prepared the famous Sunday morning talking points to avoid exposure. Gen. David Petraeus headed the CIA. Four people died at the compound, while 56 died at embassies and consulates under President George W. Bush. Benghazi is a Petraeus problem.

Regarding email, we know the NSA, CIA, FBI and State Department all got hacked, big time. FBI Director Comey testified that his investigation found no evidence Clinton got hacked. Comey agreed that none of Clinton’s received or sent email contained required markings for classified. The next day, Comey retracted his under-oath remarks, regarding three emails containing a little “c” in text. Is retraction by the FBI director perjury?

Republicans could have spent $20 million on improved email security. Clinton provided this for free.