Letters to the Editor

Clinton: Commander in chief must uphold moral code

When I was in military officers training, a group of my peers made up what was known as the honor council. Its function was to determine if any candidate violated the code of honor expected of officers. One of my classmates was accused of lying to another classmate on a rather insignificant matter. The council found him guilty and removed him as an officer candidate. His career was finished because of a violation of the moral code expected of a military officer.

A few years ago, several officer candidates were expelled from one of our military academies for cheating on exams. Their promising careers were ended. Later, a military pilot was accused of having an affair with a subordinate’s husband. She then lied about the affair to her superiors. She was discharged from the military and her career was ended.

According to surveys, well over half the public believe that Hillary Clinton is guilty of lying, or at least giving misleading statements. Should this disqualify her from being the commander in chief of the military, when this leniency doesn’t apply to her subordinates? Or has our moral code so disintegrated over the years that lying is now acceptable?