Letters to the Editor

Tacoma: Call for clean industry shows foresight

“Mello: Take dirty projects off the table,” (TNT, 8/16).

Tacoma City Councilman Ryan Mello stood tall when speaking boldly as part of a council/port commissioners study group. The TNT reported that the group’s purpose was to devise better ways of telling the public about large port pollution projects before leases are signed. Mello called instead for fossil fuel projects to be non-starters, an item of the past, off the table.

He called instead for the port to focus on attracting clean, high-paying jobs that don’t jeopardize Tacoma and Pierce County with air and water pollution and depletion. “Look forward Tacoma” is Mello’s cry, and I agree.

The majority of citizens are with him in this. Clean energy (microwave, solar, wind) are the future, not 19th century technology. Step up, Tacoma/Pierce County leaders. Be leaders! Read, ask questions, learn and adopt the new ways.

Commissioners and council members have the privilege and responsibility to set policies, not just look backwards and repeat patterns that brought revenue and jobs in the past. Today we need forward thinking innovators, both locally and nationally. Please step up and join Mello’s call for attracting clean industries.