Letters to the Editor

Fireworks: County councilwoman's proposal is a dud

Re: “1 fireworks day? Pierce mulls idea,” (TNT, 8/20).

County Council member Connie Ladenburg’s fireworks proposal is laughable.

Limiting fireworks to one day of use and limit sales days to half of what the state allows from 8 to 4 days will not magically stop people from disregarding fireworks laws. I have personal experience trying to enforce the ban on fireworks. The existing law does not work; neither will the new one.

Until there is a law prohibiting the use of fireworks statewide, this problem will never end. Even that would not stop the sale of all types of illegal fireworks sold on Native American reservations. (No one is going to take that on.)

Why don’t you focus on prohibiting plastic bags or something else really important.