Letters to the Editor

Foss: Decision to restore waterway was visionary

Re: “A decade on, the Foss cleanup shines,” (TNT, 8/21).

Reporter Derrick Nunnally’s excellent article documenting the cleanup of the Foss Waterway illustrates how a public-private partnership can enhance the environment and lead to sound economic development.

The initial decision to move forward with the Foss Waterway cleanup, made by policy makers 25 years ago, was fraught with controversy. Naysayers decried the city’s purchase of the 27-acre Superfund site from Glacier Park as wrongheaded at best. Kudos should be given to the mayor and council members who took that visionary but politically perilous vote in 1991.

That original $6.8 transaction was parlayed into nearly one half billion dollars in investments, either completed or now in the pipeline, that we see today. That is truly historic.

(Bill Baarsma is a former Tacoma mayor.)