Letters to the Editor

Port: Fossil fuel export could harm marine life

Re: “Mello: Take dirty projects off the table,” (TNT, 8/16).

As an environmental educator with a focus and knowledge base in marine biology, I feel it is my responsibility to speak out on behalf vulnerable marine life that would be affected by unavoidable “minor” impacts and possible catastrophic events that would severely damage already vulnerable Puget Sound life.

Whether it be fish, sea stars and jellyfish, or the seals, otters and whales that excite and inspire us, we should protect these incredible species who share our home. We need to guard our coastal waters from possible damage to our land-based communities as well

I believe that taking preventative measures, such as avoiding risk all together rather that having to clean up anything resulting from the export of fossil fuels from the Port of Tacoma, is the wise course of action.