Letters to the Editor

Education: Return of open libraries a big mistake

Re: “Heard around Tacoma: Schools building boom,” (TNT, 8/24).

As a retired Tacoma Public Schools librarian, I was excited to read about all the remodeling and construction in the district but was dismayed by the reappearance of the “open-concept library” in several of the projects.

Was nothing learned from the Foss High School library debacle of the 1970s, when tens of thousands of dollars worth of materials walked out of the wall-less library? Were any teacher librarians consulted who had taught in and tried to maintain libraries that also functioned as common areas? Did anyone look at the functionality and security of such libraries?

There have been many positive changes to school design over the decades, but the open-concept library is not one of them. Sad to see the district didn’t learn from past experience.