Letters to the Editor

Transit: ST3 money would be better spent elsewhere

The Sound Transit 3 proposal, which would increase ridership from 3.1 to 4.3 percent, will not solve our problem. New technologies such as the autonomous car are rapidly developing. Also, other alternatives at lower cost are proposed. But we have a most urgent problem, now! We should raise the $54 billion and use the money in two ways.

1. There are a number of proposals at lower cost and shorter-time solutions. Part of the money should be used for that purpose.

2. New technologies will render large number of people out of work, creating great stress and anxiety in our society. A significant part of the money should be used to revamp our educational system, create new institutions for skills training for people displaced by globalization and disappearing industries.

If $54 billion (plus cost overruns?) were committed for ST3, little money would be left for this most urgent needed revamping our education system and preparing our state for a vibrant new technology in clean energy and other industrial developments.