Letters to the Editor

Drugs: More education needed to discourage heroin use

I was born in 1953 in a rural community with a population of 6,000. As a kid, my main concern was which friend I would play with the next day and what dessert Mother would make for supper that night. I didn’t know about heroin, not until the 7th grade when a health teacher taught a class on the effects of illegal drugs. That class taught me well. I have never tried an illegal drug.

Today, kids don’t have it as innocent as I did growing up. In any neighborhood, a parent has to be aware of possible syringes lying on a sidewalk, or a lurking predator. It seems education about the effects and consequences of using illegal drugs is needed today more than ever, especially when the City of Seattle is proposing to house heroin users and supervise their injections. This would promote heroin use.

It would be impressive if Seattle would be known for cleaning up heroin, instead of being the present heroin capital in the nation.