Letters to the Editor

Fair: Spare sheep from mutton busting event

I’m a 17-year-old student living in Tacoma and have been enjoying the Washington State Fair for several years now. This fair is right around the corner, and I plan to take my family.

However, I have grown increasingly aware of the exploitation of animals in “sports” such as mutton busting, which is a rodeo activity often compared to bull riding. Children hold onto a sheep attempting to escape their grasps by running away. Inevitably, the child falls off.

It is distressing for the sheep to be subjected to confusion and shouts of people from the stands. This cruel form of entertainment puts both the sheep and the children in harm’s way. The kids grab onto the defenseless, traumatized animal who attempts to escape. The child falls off and risks being hurt.

I understand people allow their children to participate, but that does not mean the practice should be condoned. Mutton busting should be canceled this year and in years to come. Traditions that are based on the misfortune of sentient beings need to end.